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IPTV reseller subscription

IPTV reseller subscription

You will receive a fully manageable iptv reseller panel. You can make users for your customers, scale and remove. You have full control. If we update, we will update you about it first so you know what will change. You can log into the iptv panel with these username and password.

Credits will be saved to your iptv panel, this way you can spend whenever you need to. There is no time limit for your credits. They will not be removed after a while. The only thing you have to make sure, is to get customers!

If you want to try a Reseller Test Panel, please contact us support(at)iptvplan.com

We offer a good price for the credits.

We don’t offer less than that. For example, you can’t add 150 or 60 credits. You will have to add 200 credits.

- 1 month = 6 credits
- 3 month = 15 credits
- 6 month = 25 credits
- 12 month = 45 credits

- Start up €200,- for 200 credits
- €500,- for 550 credits
- €1000,- for 1150 credits
- €2000,- for 2400 credits

Register NEW User or ADD Credits for IPTV reseller panel

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We accept Master or VisaCard and Paypal.

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